In Argentina:

Argentico SRL specializes in guiding foreign investors to Argentine opportunities, especially in real estate, though we are not realtors.

We believe the real estate market is almost always ripe here – ready for the picking – because of the lack of debt in property. (Google Sam Zell and Goldman Sachs on Argentine real estate).

Also, as we produce The Up Shot ®, our hands are on, or are near, various other investor-ready – or near-to-be-ready (such as “garage” stage) startups – as well as on other mature options.


In the US:

Argentico SRL, Inc. has strongly promoted the buying of single family homes in Palm Beach County for individual investors. Please, see our newsletter.

We are affiliated with the bi-lingual firm FANJUL in Palm Beach, and with their Casa de Campo office in the Dominican Republic.

Please, see our newsletter The Up Shot ®. We believe it will prove useful.



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