Argentico is unique. Confidential. Private.

Founded in 2004, the real estate firm’s name is Argentina and Mexico put together as one.

We advise clients from across Latin America to purchase & sell property, particularly to buy single family properties for rental income and appreciation in the United States; and we help non-Argentines buy commercial property, farm land, and new developments, including polo-related property.

In the United States, we focus on the purchase of income property in Palm Beach County and New York; in Miami we provide a discreet service advising property sellers there.

Although we are small, we probably work with some of the best, and biggest names in real estate, in Argentina.

In the United States, we appreciate working with smaller firms.

Argentico SRL and Argentico SRL, Inc. forge relationships to provide discretion and maximum attention for every investor, from every realtor-professional, everywhere.

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