AUTUMN (Argentina) 2016 N° 5

Very Good Real Estate Income in Palm Beach County   Although Palm Beach County is considered to be inaccessible, this is inaccurate. In fact, one can enter the market for not much more than $100,000.  We are aware of the values and want prospective clients to be... read more

AUTUMN (U.S.A.) 2014 N°4

Two salient issues are presented here. One is the recent IRS regulation, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), which concerns US resident-citizen overseas accounts. Here we have an analysis by banker Matthew Beem, Stanford MBA and current president of the... read more

AUTUMN (Argentina) 2014 N°3

Although we hoped with this third edition of our newsletter (see others on – “newsletter” tab ) to give information on new real estate developments in Argentina, and how one, as a foreigner, might best take advantage of this tantalizing... read more

WINTER (U.S.A.) 2014 N°2

This second newsletter is titled Winter (U.S.A.) as we are covering both markets: Latin American for people from the United States, and US property for people from Latin America – especially from the “República Argentina”. Please see our last... read more

WINTER (Argentina) 2013 N°1

Argentico SRL & Argentico SRL, Inc, both founded in 2004 in the Republic of Argentina and the United States of America, and under common ownership, work hard to help Latin Americans make smart property-purchases in the United States of America. As such we have... read more